Cataclysm Addon TradeskillMaster (TSM)

Everyone has heard of auctioneer right? That’s the addon with over two million downloads that helps you earn gold in world of warcraft. Before I go into the newest wow gold making addon that works with auctioneer in cataclysm, called TradeskillMaster (TSM), I’d like to first go over what makes auctioneer a success.

1. Auctioneer tracks the data for all items on the auction house.

Think of the stock market, wouldn’t it be cool to see the current going rate of items on the auction house, much like stocks in the real world? Well auctioneer lets you keep track of the ‘market value’ of your items so you know how to price them according to this daily updated amount.

2. Auctioneer helps you search the auction house.

It’s nice to hit search and find what you need all the time right? Well with the standard auction house that isn’t always the case. Auctioneer enhances all the standard features for searching in cataclysm and then goes ahead and adds a couple dozen additional enhancements such as sorting by seller, by market value, by profitability for resale, etc.

3. Auctioneer helps you post your items.

Posting is a pain, even with the updated auction house in cataclysm, especially if you have thousands of items to sell. Just remembering the values is taxing, let alone typing them in over and over again! Auctioneer allows you to store data based on how you want to sell items and then just press batch post to throw them all up on the auction house with one click.

So what is TradeskillMaster and how does it come into play?

TSM works right alongside auctioneer, literally appearing next to the auction house tab when you talk to an auctioneer in wow. It has several functions which automate and simplify the processes of auctioneer, as well as enhance these functions even further. It also helps with automating decision making for crafting, selling and cancelling.

1. Shopping Lists

Want to just shop for the list of items you need for your auction house business? Now you can press one button and see every item you’d like to use for crafting purposes.

2. Automatic Intelligent Posting

You can now base your pricing off percentage cost of the materials needed, not just on set values you used to have to create on your own with auctioneer’s setup. Creating rulesets which are far more advanced than the standard auctioneer functionality are also possible and fairly easy to implement.

3. Automatic Cancelling of Undercut Auctions

Cancel your auctions that have been undercut by the competition instantly with the push of a button! You can then use automatic rulesets to intelligently repost them based on current prices and long term market values.

4. Identify Items to Craft

Easily look through what items you can craft with TSM and then with the click of your mouse set them up as part of a crafting que, as well as identify the items necessary for crafting them.

Online Bingo Tips: Exploring the Granville Method

If we went out to the street in London and took a poll of 100 people asking them who Joseph E. Granville was, it’s likely that 99 of the 100 people wouldn’t be able to answer the question correctly. Even though he’s not a common household name, if you’re a Bingo player, you’ve got to know Granville!

Granville was a strategist who worked with the stock market. When he directed his theories to Bingo, his research revealed interesting results. What Granville set out to prove was that Bingo isn’t just a game of luck. While it’s true that no one can control the order in which the random numbers are drawn, there are ways to strategize about the game that can give players an advantage. That is to say, if players can’t control the numbers or the caller, players must take control of their end of the game: the Bingo card.

Before we get into the Granville Method, be warned: this method involves thinking! Since Granville was a mathematician and strategist, his Bingo theory uses numbers and logics to come to a logical conclusion. It’s not too hard to follow, so if you’re ready to work your brain a little in order to gain a lot strategy-wise, then let’s get started learning one of the best, but least known, of the online tips: The Granville Method.

The theory works with these three guiding principles:

• There are an equal number of numbers ending in 1, 2, 3, etc.

• There will be a balance amongst odd and even numbers.

• There will be a balance amongst high and low numbers.

That being said, in a 75 Ball game you’ll find that the average ball number is 38. This means that, considering a large number of games being played, the average number amongst the called numbers would be 38. Remember that this number is only an average, not a guarantee that all called numbers in every game will average 38. If you can choose a Bingo cards whose printed numbers average 38, you’re probably holding a pretty good card option.

There is, however, another factor to Granville’s theory that should also influence your card choice. If you take the first of the three principles (that there are an equal number of numbers ending in 1, 2, 3, etc.) and apply it to Bingo, you’ll see something amazing. Pay attention to the first 10 called numbers of a game. Statistics predict that their last digits will all end with different numbers, and you’ll see that this is the case in more than half the games played.

That being said, choosing a card with a wide variety of numbers that don’t all share the same last digit is a great way to up the odds in your favor. Look especially to the 16 strategically placed squares on your 25-square card (these are the squares that use the free space to make Bingo, and thus present the easiest way to win). Make sure that these 16, above all, represent a wide range of different ending numerals.

Try this and other great online Bingo tips the next time you play online.

Ponzi Schmonzi, "Caveat Emptor"

I’m sick of the Bernard Madoff victims, those who lost everything. They want to know how they can recoup some of their losses. They think that taxpayers should bail them out, probably. Why not, it’s good enough for B. of A. They want to know how Bernie got away with his “Ponzi” scheme. He got away with it because of (his) investors’ blind greed. That’s right. If you invest in a fund that is returning unrealistic profits, guess what, something there is unrealistic.

THE GOLDEN RULE: If it’s too good to be true, it isn’t true.

I have some money in a mutual fund that returned 200% for a few years. Guess what, I lost my butt on it in this recession. But I don’t have all of my money in it. I have gambling money in it. INVESTING IS GAMBLING! It just so happens that investing has been a good bet for 70 years. Stock market investing has done better than real estate investing during that time span (on an average annual return basis; look it up), with much less “front” money needed to get involved. One can also easily beat the market. I do it every year as a non-financial genius.

Your investment strategy is your responsibility. Your financial future is not the responsibility of B. Madoff, A. G. Edwards, Fidelity, Edward Jones, Val Kilmer, or Batman.

STAY DIVERSIFIED! Don’t invest all of your money in a higher-than-normal return fund. Do due diligence and research. Hotter than normal funds will get colder than normal. They must be looked at as “growth”, not “income”. I have bought growth stocks that went to zero. So my “growth” was negative, but I knew that the possibility existed going into the deal. I put a small amount of gambling money into the wrong pot. I have lost money on “Growth” mutual funds. But I still had 48 other investments to fall back on.

If you were 100% invested with B. M. (hmm, what else does that stand for?) you deserve what you got, period. Some of that money should have been gambled on Pepsi Cola. Or even the lottery or slot machines. Shame on Bernie, but shame on you. People who are violated may be in the wrong place. Nicole continued to live near O. J.

As a sidebar let me recommend “American Funds” (they have lost their butt too in the downturn). They use a team approach. It’s highly unlikely that 8 people in control of a fund will all make the same mistake. That would be obviously questionable, and it would be the investor’s responsibility to recognize deception. American has been around since the 1930’s and probably will be around when Bernie gets out of jail. He should consider investing in Am. Fds. in year 2160, when he gets free. A $10,000 investment in one of their original funds in 1934 (with dividends reinvested, very important) is worth 40+ mil. today. A $10,000 home in 1934 is worth about 50 mil today?

Sidebar #2: The stock market always over reacts. If coinciding to the drop in the stock market by percentages (as if Dow 14000 was ever realistic), unemployment levels should be far higher than in the Great Depression. This country should be 58% of what it was 2 years ago. Pfftt! There is no correlation between the market and the reality of economics. BUY WELL & HOLD. Look for companies that have actually raised dividends in the face of the financial disaster. You thought that there weren’t any? You are not doing your job, then.

Secrets of Successful Traders Review: Does It Actually Give Sound Trading Advice?

Getting involved in the stock market is essentially gambling, albeit in a more formal setting. The right investments can make you hit the jackpot, while poor choices can make you virtually penniless. However, unlike gambling where most are games of chance, there is a human element involved to become successful in the stock market. You need to be able to know how the market works in order to know when to buy and sell stocks at the right time to be able to make a lot of profit. As some experts may say, there is a science behind the success of the stock market traders and brokers. As such, a lot of beginning traders grab every book and resource they can get in order to try to decipher the secrets in successful trading. Secrets of Successful Traders is arguably one of the best resources you can use to learn more about how to make real profit in the stock market.

What is Secrets of Successful Traders?

Secrets of Successful Traders is an e-book produced by Anthony Green and his team. Like you and other people who invest in the stock market, he also had his own share of ups and downs when he was only starting out in investing in the stock market. In an attempt to make more money through his investments, he picked up just about every kind of book and enrolled in all kinds of seminars in order to pick up tips in how to make it big on the market. While there were times that he was able to earn money, he would inevitably lose it again, practically making no profit no matter what he did. Eventually, he grew tired of the financial roller coaster ride, and evaluated what was happening to him. He thought back to the time when he won some money when he bought and sold a stock. While the amount was not that much, he found himself wondering what exactly he did to actually get the money. He then analyzed the process, and then applied the strategies he picked up from this lesson to check whether these would work again. It did. Together with his team, they developed and refined the process in order to come up with the five proven strategies that would form the basis of the Anthony Green Secrets of Successful Traders e-book. Initially, they taught these strategies in seminars of (all of which are fully packed with people eager to find out more about how to find success in the stock market). However, they realized that people will need to know more about these strategies that are effective, and Secrets of Successful Traders was born.

How is Secrets of Successful Traders Different from Other Trading Books?

Unlike other kinds of resource materials that say that you will need to use a ton of money to get financial rewards in the stock market, Secrets of Successful Traders takes a different approach. Secrets of Successful Traders does away with all the fluff and glamor used by the other e-books and gets down to the meat of the matter to give you the practical tips that you can apply to make sound investment choices. In fact, Anthony Green actually says that by using $ 1,000 wisely, you can actually become a millionaire within five years when you use of the techniques listed in Secrets of Successful Traders.

Whether you're a beginning investor or experienced in trading, Secrets of Successful Traders can help you earn more than what you're getting in the stock market. The book is aptly named, because the things you will read there is information that you can only exclusively find in the e-book, so don't miss your chance.