Emini Trading – Can Biorhythms Help You in Trading Eminis?

Do you believe in biorhythms? Should you? Is there any advantage to taking them seriously? Would they help you in your day trading of emini markets? Or in your life in general? That’s what we will address in this article.

When I first learned about biorhythms I was only a teenager. I thought there was some science behind it or at least that’s what the sources I consulted then wanted me to believe. The truth be told, though, there is probably very little scientific evidence to support the idea of biorhythms, but a quarter of a century later, I still consult biorhythms, even if I should know it better by now. Yes, I do consult them because I have noticed that there is a good deal of positive correlation between my mood and mental acuity and my emotional cycle. And to some extent also between my energy levels and my physical cycle or my mental prowess and my intelligence cycle, though I seem to be mostly affected by the 28 day (practically monthly) emotional cycle. There are times when I really cannot understand or explain why I am feeling particularly lousy or sappy on a given day as there seems to be no good external or any apparent internal reason for that. On a day like that I usually check my biorhythms and more often than not I am presented with a plausible explanation: I am either close or I just entered a critical day or my cycles are indicating a bearish phase, meaning I am down. And so perhaps the best I can do at a time like that is to prevent myself from starting to dig in this hole. Let’s just relax a bit, it’s not likely that I am going to get done a lot today, anyway.

Biorhythms were discovered at the turn of the twentieth century. One of their earliest proponents was Wilhelm Fliess, a medical doctor in Berlin, Germany. In 1906, this specialist in ear and throat illnesses at the University of Berlin, discovered regular cycles in the development of his patient’s symptoms related to common colds, diarrhea, fever, and other common medical problems. In 1928, Dr. Friedrich Teltscher, of the University of Innsbruck, Austria, managed to prove the accuracy of the 23 and 28 day cycles after examining the results of experiments on several thousands of high school and college students. Moreover, he also discovered the 33 day intellectual cycle that he believed was related to the ability to remember and reason.

Biorhythms were used by sport coaches in training programs for athletes competing in the Olympic Games. Soccer coaches found biorhythms useful for selecting and training players.

In the last 10 or so years, the idea of biorhythms seems to have been discredited. The statistical studies once supporting this idea, have been found wanting and nowadays this idea is considered to belong to the same realm of scientific validity as astrology.

Should we thus totally reject it as bogus? Personally, I believe that would be unwise. Cycles do exist in nature, the most known of them being the annual one related to the Sun and the monthly cycle that has the Moon as its basis. It is well known that different seasons have different influence on humans. In particular, during the winter time we are more prone to depression when during the months when the Sun stays longer above the horizon. The monthly cycle is related to the menstrual activity in females, for instance, but may have also other effects, less pronounced. The fact the all the biorhythmic cycles have been found to be relatively close to the monthly cycle of about 28-30 days should probably not come as a surprise. This probably reflects the fact that the monthly cycle is real.

So how should we approach this issue from the practical point of view and, in particular, from the point of view of a daytrader? Well, first start by monitoring your moods and mental acuity. Whenever, you feel subpar and cannot find a rational explanation for your poor intellectual performance or lousy mood, see if this coincides with a critical day in the emotional cycle, the one that is closest to the monthly cycle and which I personally have found to be of the greatest influence on me. Or perhaps you are very deep in the negative zone of the emotional cycle, close to the bottom. If you notice such correlations, you may want to take them more seriously and simply try to take it easier and be more cautious in your work or your trading when you are experiencing one of those down periods.

It’s hard to keep working at the same strength and pace all the time, so use the periods when you feel slower, less psychically, mentally or physically fit to regenerate your energy. This will serve you well in the long run whether your main occupation is that of an emini daytrader, teacher or nurse.

Do You Love Teddy Bears?

Like most little kids I too had a teddy bear or two when I was the little kid age. Over the time I have, however, become less and less qualified for this age category and, as a result, have become quite teddybearless. Nevertheless, I would swear that I always thought that teddy bears were loveable. Well, apparently I was wrong, but I did not realize that until this evening.

This evening I went to Big Lots to buy some stuff that I usually use to support my living functions, also known as food. In line, just in front of me was a cart piled with teddy bears, really huge ones… I thought they were abandoned by some kids who in turn were lost by their parents. But no… they were waiting in line too. Along with some lady who was not the teddy bear age at all. In fact, she was clearly older then me and looked quite grotesque with these giant teddies… It suddenly occurred to me that this line was going to be long. And it was…

My right foot started to hurt me again and the stuff to support my living functions was feeling more and more like a ballast as I had to carry it in my hands and not in a basket. Baskets were out, teddy bears were in and the cashier had to check the price. For the teddies, of course. How do you pack a giant teddy bear? Using two bags because, obviously, the bags to pack giant teddy bears have yet to be be invented.

Finally, the teddies were out of my sight. The teddy bear lady handed her credit card to the cashier while smiling to me apologetically. “No problem,” I said, “I hated teddy bears long before.” I lied, but I do hate them now! This world would be a much better place without teddy bears!

English and Spanish Started Off on the Right Boot

The second series of fixtures from the Group Stage of the 2012-13 UEFA Champions League have been disputed already and this time the bottom half of the Groups (E, F, G and H) played on the first day (Oct. 2) and the Groups from A to D played on Wednesday, October 3rd. England has Manchester United, Arsenal and the current trophy holder of the Champions League, Chelsea, on the top spot of their Groups (H, B and E). Meanwhile Spain counts with Málaga, Real Madrid and Barcelona lead the Groups C, D and G respectively. In the meantime, Manchester City and Valencia are in 3rd position of their groups (D and F).

The defending champion, Chelsea, and the 2011-12 Runners-up, Barça, left their rivals goalless on their 1st leg fixtures on Tuesday, when both clubs were visitors. The Blues went to Denmark to face FC Nordsjælland at Parken Stadium, in Copenhagen and there isn’t much to say, except that they nailed it blasting the Danish squad with a 4-0; that gave them the lead on Goal Difference, but kept them tied with Shakhtar Donetsk on 4 points. The Catalans lived a similar story on their visit to the western neighbors, Benfica, at the EstÃdio de Luz, where they win 2-0 but finished with a bittersweet taste, after Carles Puyol dislocated his left elbow -which means that the Azulgranas will have to play for another couple of months without their captain.

The Red Devils had their second match of the Group Phase against the Romanian team CFR Cluj-Napoca, at the Stadionul Dr. Constantin Radulescu, in Cluj-Napoca. Early in the game (14′) a goal from the Greek, Pantelis Kapetanos, gave the hosts an advantage; however, United’s wingman Robin van Persie, even things up 15 minutes later. Then at 49′, the Dutch gave his side the lead and the 2-1 victory with an unusual goal, which resulted from a free-kick charged by Wayne Rooney, which sent the ball straight to van Persie’s way, who hit it with his shoulder into the bottom of the goal.

On Wednesday 3rd, Real Madrid had its first fixture against Ajax at the Amsterdam Arena, on which the Spanish club triumph with a 4-1 final score. The Portuguese star, Cristiano Ronaldo, opened the scoreboard 3 minutes from half-time and after that was relentless, achieving the first hat-trick of this stage. Ronaldo scored at 42′, 79′ and 81′, plus, in between his partner Karim Benzema scored one (at 48′) and the Amsterdammer, Niklas Moisander, put a mark on the hosts’ side.

During its visit to Anderlecht’s home, the Constant Vanden Stock Stadium, Malaga repeated the results from its first game of the Group Stage, on which it smashed Zenit St. Peterburg with a 3-0. Those two perfect scores keep Los Boquerones, along with Porto, as the only two clubs that haven’t take a goal from its rivals so far.

On the other hand, Arsenal is doing better in the Champions than in the Barclays Premier League, where it has been bit inconsistent. The Gunners received on Wednesday the Greek champions, Olympiacos FC for their first leg encounter and after a slow beginning the English started to take control. At 42′ Gervinho placed the opening score, but with the Gunners still celebrating the advantage, a header from Kostas Mitroglou even things up right before half-time break. At the return, the forward Lukas Podolski gave his side the lead once again at 56′ and in the last moment his substitute, Aaron Ramsey -who entered in the 80th minute- grabbed a pass from Olivier Giroud and settle the score in 3-1.

In contrast, Porto and BATE Borisov, lead the Groups A and F respectively, since both teams had a perfect start defeating their first two opponents -that in fact were quite demanding. This has come as a surprise for many, after their performance from last season.

Evidently until now the teams from Spain and England have prevailed in this phase and now both nations have three teams leading a group and a fourth team on third position. After just the second round of matches is quite early to predict with certainty which teams would go through to the Knockout phase, but is important to keep an eye on these that have started roughly.

I Need More Deductions!

We can start filing personal taxes in a few days- this coming Monday. (Please note- the IRS will STILL not have several forms ready for use until late next week. Thanks to the retroactive changes in the law Congress approved late last month.)

So, let’s review what you can and can’t do.

Oh, no, you can’t!!!!!

Let’s start with what you used to do and can no longer.

Don’t bother collecting all your employee expenses for which your boss never bothered to reimburse you. They no longer are deductible- whether or not they exceed 2% of your adjusted gross income. (Which is kind of okay, since many of you won’t be able to itemize anyway.)

EXCEPT… (This is the tax code- there are ALWAYS exceptions)

If you are in the Reserves (that’s armed forces, folks), are handicapped of some sort and have impairment based work expenses, are a fee-based state or local government official, or a qualified performing artist, then you can deduct those expenses related to these acts. You need to use either Form 2106 or 2016-EZ and add the computed deduction to line 11 of Schedule 1 (Form 1040).

Now for those never-evers.

Commuting is not deductible (unless, in a very limited sense, we are talking about the folks above)

Lobbying is not deductible (that means even if you travel to Washington DC to convince someone to pass some legislation)

Campaign contributions (no, they are never charity! And, advertising in a convention bulletin, a dinner or program at such events are also your personal expenses.)

Fines and Penalties (those traffic tickets, parking fines, etc. are all your personal expenses for being a scofflaw)

Club dues (It makes no difference if you conduct business meeting’s there- just the cost of the meal is allowable, if genuine business is discussed. This includes airline clubs, unless you really do effect- and document the business matters involved- and deduct the DAILY cost of the visit.)

Moving expenses. I’ve already written about this lost deduction. (Unless you are in the military and have orders to move, there is no way you can deduct your moving costs. Worse yet, your employer may have to report the moving expenses they paid on your behalf as taxable income to you! Between this lost deduction- and the lost ability to expense off the costs for seeking a new job- the historic migration of Americans has been greatly attenuated. As has been the ability to find higher paying jobs- since they often required a ‘change in scenery’.

Woo-Hoo. They’re back!

Congress (and TheDonald) retroactively amended the tax code in December with the budget reconciliation bill. In particular, this change can help many folks reconsider if they can itemize this year.

Medical Expenses. As long as they exceed 7.5% of your adjusted gross income. The money spent below the threshold is all yours to spend; above the threshold is deductible. This includes fertility treatments, alcoholism treatment (inpatient, including meals and lodging), anti-smoking programs (but only prescription drugs, not nicotine patches), and service animals (buying, training, maintaining [including food!] all count. Sorry, Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, and those of that ilk don’t qualify- UNLESS your doctor has so prescribed a program (obesity or cardiopulmonary causes). Neither do those cold remedies (and other non-prescription drugs- except for insulin) and certainly NOT cosmetic surgery.

For those special cases…

Gambling losses are deductible. Kind of. As long as your winnings meet or exceed those costs. (In other words, you are attenuating the gambling winnings you must report.)

Casualty and Theft losses. Only for income producing property. Like rental property and vacant lots. Or, if you (heaven forbid) were impacted among others in a Federal Disaster Zone. Also, if you trade in gold and silver- yeah, that could be pushed through, too. (You already deduct losses on stocks and bonds on Schedule D and Form 4797- to the extent of your gains PLUS $3000. Ponzi scheme sufferers also can deduct losses against the gains. So, that $300,000 loss may take you 100 years to deduct. May you live that long.)

Home offices. You need to have a business- that means Schedule C (proprietorships and gig workers), Schedule E (rental property, K-1 recipients who WORK in that business), and/or Schedule F (farmers) filers.

Special dues. NOT clubs- but chamber of commerce, boards of trade, business leagues, public service or civic organizations, trade associations, professional societies, and real estate boards are specifically approved. NOT union dues (since they are employee expenses, folks.)

I already reported what sort of documents you need to have on hand to have us file your taxes.

We’re waiting for you!