Do You Love Teddy Bears?

Like most little kids I too had a teddy bear or two when I was the little kid age. Over the time I have, however, become less and less qualified for this age category and, as a result, have become quite teddybearless. Nevertheless, I would swear that I always thought that teddy bears were loveable. Well, apparently I was wrong, but I did not realize that until this evening.

This evening I went to Big Lots to buy some stuff that I usually use to support my living functions, also known as food. In line, just in front of me was a cart piled with teddy bears, really huge ones… I thought they were abandoned by some kids who in turn were lost by their parents. But no… they were waiting in line too. Along with some lady who was not the teddy bear age at all. In fact, she was clearly older then me and looked quite grotesque with these giant teddies… It suddenly occurred to me that this line was going to be long. And it was…

My right foot started to hurt me again and the stuff to support my living functions was feeling more and more like a ballast as I had to carry it in my hands and not in a basket. Baskets were out, teddy bears were in and the cashier had to check the price. For the teddies, of course. How do you pack a giant teddy bear? Using two bags because, obviously, the bags to pack giant teddy bears have yet to be be invented.

Finally, the teddies were out of my sight. The teddy bear lady handed her credit card to the cashier while smiling to me apologetically. “No problem,” I said, “I hated teddy bears long before.” I lied, but I do hate them now! This world would be a much better place without teddy bears!