Nappy Competition: Win Free Cloth Nappies With These 3 Unusual Tips (+1)

It is wonderful to win a reusable cloth nappy. I haven’t won one, as I run online competitions, so I have only received them to later pass on to a winner; even that is fun. Receiving a cloth nappy in the post is called getting ‘Fluffy Mail’ – How cute is that? Entering Nappy competitions can be great fun! Even more so if you win something for free for your baby. If you’d like to win in a nappy competition then pay close attention to these winning tips.

Let’s look at three helpful yet unusual tips so you can get a head start in the next nappy competition that pops up:

1. Social Network fan pages are fast moving!

Join some! (Just click the ‘Like’ button at the page’s top) It’s easy to keep an eye on your news feed when nappy competitions are promoted, tagged, mentioned in ‘shoutouts’ or simply get invited as a fan to enter a contest to win some free baby nappies.

2. Win, Baby, Win!

‘Comper’ Sites are all the rage. Did you know that there are so many online competitions out there that whole sites, blogs and forums are devoted to helping you find free baby stuff to win? They’ll tell you where to go, what to do, and if you need it, send a bunch of folks to vote for you too! Check out some of the competition sites and be in the loop for some little-publicised nappy competitions – as it is expensive to advertise, and these can be a cheaper way for nappy shops to promote their online contests.

3. Nappy Zines Hide Free Cloth Nappies…

Most cloth nappy shops have a place where you can join to keep in touch about going on with their stock, sales, specials, clearances – and free cloth nappy giveaways! These e-zines are a place you can win some free stuff for your baby. By law you generally need to ‘do something’ to qualify for a prize, hence these minor nappy competitions give you a better chance of winning as many folks aren’t motivated!

There, you have 3 unusual tips to help you find a nappy competition to enter.

Wait! What’s the +1?

Be Sure to Follow the Competition Directions. Dot the ‘i’s’ and cross the ‘T’s’! Don’t let an email typo, lack of required information, or other simple error prevent your entry from qualifying in winning the prize, as it may be automatically screened out if incorrect! With some patience and planning, you can multiply your chances of winning a free cloth nappy and other baby samples too.

Good Luck!

Online Bingo Tips: Exploring the Granville Method

If we went out to the street in London and took a poll of 100 people asking them who Joseph E. Granville was, it’s likely that 99 of the 100 people wouldn’t be able to answer the question correctly. Even though he’s not a common household name, if you’re a Bingo player, you’ve got to know Granville!

Granville was a strategist who worked with the stock market. When he directed his theories to Bingo, his research revealed interesting results. What Granville set out to prove was that Bingo isn’t just a game of luck. While it’s true that no one can control the order in which the random numbers are drawn, there are ways to strategize about the game that can give players an advantage. That is to say, if players can’t control the numbers or the caller, players must take control of their end of the game: the Bingo card.

Before we get into the Granville Method, be warned: this method involves thinking! Since Granville was a mathematician and strategist, his Bingo theory uses numbers and logics to come to a logical conclusion. It’s not too hard to follow, so if you’re ready to work your brain a little in order to gain a lot strategy-wise, then let’s get started learning one of the best, but least known, of the online tips: The Granville Method.

The theory works with these three guiding principles:

• There are an equal number of numbers ending in 1, 2, 3, etc.

• There will be a balance amongst odd and even numbers.

• There will be a balance amongst high and low numbers.

That being said, in a 75 Ball game you’ll find that the average ball number is 38. This means that, considering a large number of games being played, the average number amongst the called numbers would be 38. Remember that this number is only an average, not a guarantee that all called numbers in every game will average 38. If you can choose a Bingo cards whose printed numbers average 38, you’re probably holding a pretty good card option.

There is, however, another factor to Granville’s theory that should also influence your card choice. If you take the first of the three principles (that there are an equal number of numbers ending in 1, 2, 3, etc.) and apply it to Bingo, you’ll see something amazing. Pay attention to the first 10 called numbers of a game. Statistics predict that their last digits will all end with different numbers, and you’ll see that this is the case in more than half the games played.

That being said, choosing a card with a wide variety of numbers that don’t all share the same last digit is a great way to up the odds in your favor. Look especially to the 16 strategically placed squares on your 25-square card (these are the squares that use the free space to make Bingo, and thus present the easiest way to win). Make sure that these 16, above all, represent a wide range of different ending numerals.

Try this and other great online Bingo tips the next time you play online.